Club Yearly Events

The Club Runs a number of events throughout the year, these include Navigation Trials, Auto Test Trials, Autocross and Special Stages Rally. See info below on the different disciplines. 

The following table is a list of the Midland Motor Club events for 2020. For a full Calendar of all  Motorsport Ireland Events throughout the year see

Event (Click on Event for More info) Date
Night Navigation 8/9th of February
Stages Rally Skipped for 2020
Auto Cross (Loose Surface) 28th June
Auto Cross (Grass Surface) 23rd August
Auto Cross (Loose Surface) 27th September
Night Navigation 21/22nd November


Auto Cross

There are two types of Autocross events; those held on a grass surface and those that take place on a loose surface; e.g. dirt tracks or quarries. In either case, a circuit is laid out and cars compete individually "against the clock". Fastest Wins

See More on Motorsport Ireland web site

Special Stage Rallies

Special Stage Rallies take place on sections of open road with a 30-mph speed limit and "special stages" which are closed to the public. Events are decided by the time taken to travel a particular route. It is generally over the "stages" that events are won and lost, when competitors have to drive over the closed roads as fast as they can in order to produce the quickest time. The less time you take, the fewer penalties you incur.

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Night Navigation Trials

Navigation Trials are as much a test of map reading and direction finding skills as they are competition driving.  They are a relatively cheap form of Motorsport and are fantastic fun! Each competing car carries two people (the crew) consisting of a driver and a navigator.

For more information on Night Navigatio Trials see Motorsport Ireland Web Site

Auto Test

Each event consists of a number of tests (usually 10 or 12), that involve competitors carrying out a sequence of vehicular manoeuvres, as instructed in the test diagrams issued by the organisers. These manoeuvres include circling of pylons,  "throwing" the car on the handbrake, crossing of lines and driving through slaloms, both forwards and reverse, in either first or reverse gears. Each driver is timed on each test and times are totalled to give results in each event. Whoever is quickest through the tests of the day is the winner.

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